Cinderella Carriages - Elegant Faberge Style Eggs

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The Ostrich Carriages are quite intricate with their tiara tops and hundreds of Swarovski stones, 22K goldplated or silver decorations, and various other outside goodies.  Inside you will find a padded/tufted ceiling edged with a ruffle and centered with a large unusual rhinestone, window treatments, padded and tufted satin brocade or velvet seats trimmed in gold or silver and the buyer's choice of Arctic Fox, Russian Sable or black mink for the rug.  It's not unusual to use $200+ just in jewels on these, or to use Eisenberg, Weiss or other vintage signed pieces.  I make the chassis myself but can always buy a smaller different one at no extra charge. 

First Place in Decorated Eggs and
~Best in Show~
2007 International Egg Art Competition       

$300 in jewels and jewelry, and over 60 hours.

In this close-up you can see the detail worked with fine jewelry and other Swarovski stones and some of the antique or vintage stampings I gold leafed. 


I flock the Breyer horses and "wig" the manes and tails myself.  Sometimes they will have full tack if it doesn't interfere with the look of the coach.  I turned these into unicorns and the tails and manes are Tibetan lamb's wool sprinkled with diamond dust.


The buckle and strap top of the leather "boot" or trunk comes off to reveal the key for the music box.  My son is developing special lighting that I will be able to incorporate into the lanterns and, with fiber optics, among the jewels to give them a very special magical "fairy dust" sparkle.


This coach took 60 hours to make.

Upholstered soft seats, arctic fox, rug, and
full window and ceiling decorations.


 Shown here are before and after pictures of one of her carriages. Lynne also makes her own wheel/chassis rigs for these eggs.


This beautiful coach egg was painted at an auto body shop!  The buyer wanted a particular color and was so happy with the end product he ordered another similar one - 2 granddaughters, you know!  This one has a distinctive antique brooch, loads of Swarovski rhinestones, a tiara, gold embellishments.  Inside is white satin brocade seats, a tufted ceiling, window treatments and a black mink rug.  Also included (but not pictured) were a set of 4 matching white unicorns pulling it.



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Another carriage egg.  This one is a irridescent pink with silver plate or sterling embellishments and chain, Swarovski rhinestones, and a fully-decorated interior from the tufted ceiling to the Arctic fox rug.   A music box is hidden under the coachman's seat pad.


I will remove the jewels, toss the shell, and make a new chassis and coach for me!

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