Carved Filigree Eggs - Elegant Faberge Style Eggs

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Some eggs take a couple of hours - Others take DAYS!  Ostrich eggs are done in about 20 hours over a few days.

Ostrich eggs carved with a very high speed drill, fitted with a little nightlight and placed on a circle of geese stand and an antique bronze inkwell.


These give off a beautiful warm glow and the cutwork puts a light pattern on the ceiling.


I called this egg "Rose's Secret Garden".  It is the brainchild of Rose Grave, my most regular buyer.  She has wonderful ideas I get to put into solid form.  This is an emu egg with four petals that have all been hand-carved with scrolls.  All four petals drop or can be left closed.  The cherub inside is surrounded by miniature foliage.  The base is a column with roses and gold filigree enhancements


This egg below is a wedding cake topper. It took 25 hours to carve this ostrich egg.  It is attached to a standard cake topper base that I gold leafed and added AB Swarovski stones in many places.  The "S" and "J" on the heart-shaped doors are carved in and gold leafed as well.  Inside is a handblown glass and 22K gold castle that is removeable for ease in packing.  This was our gift to our nephew and his fiance for their wedding.


I love it when I find a really unusual stand...
Now to figure out how to get electrics to it!

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