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Tea anyone?  Well, these can't really be used for serving tea, but they are fun to look at.  The spout and handle are attached to an ostrich egg, filled in with a special polycryllic plaster, then it is all sanded down until it appears the egg was HATCHED with the spout and handle already in place.  This process takes about 4 days and the superfine dust from the sanding is unbelievable!  The cups are always matched halves (2 bottoms or 2 tops) of large goose eggs.  I always leave the drainage hole in the eggs ( not filling them in) because I think it adds to the charm.  Little holes in the teacups if they are bottom halves, large hole where the spout is on the teapot that can only be seen when you take the top off the teapot.

Tea Anyone? Ostrich eggs are the perfect shape and size for exquisite Victorian styled teapots. Goose eggs make the perfect matching cups. An ostrich egg is given a spout and handle which is then carefully molded to "naturally" conform to the shape of the egg using plaster and careful sanding.  This first teaset is done with a special red glass enamel over gold leaf techique Lynne developed, 22K gold decorations, Russian style designs in gold paint, and beautiful imported royal blue lace applique.


The second set has a beautiful Victorian portrait brooch as the centerpiece with lace applique and silverleaf handle and spout. A filigree silver plate butterfly with  blue opal body graces the lid of this teapot.   Swarovski rhinestones are used as with all Lynne's creations.






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A Chintz style teapot with cups has a music box that is wound from the outside (bottom back).  Since the teapots open, I wanted to camoflage the box so I molded a form around it and put on a few flowering vines, a nest with 2 teeny birds and a mother bird that is looking up at you as she sits on the branch.








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