My Partnership with Faerie Artist Nicole West - Elegant Faberge Style Eggs

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A mutual friend in New York has introduced me to Nicole West who creates the most unbelievable lifelike faeries I have ever seen.  She is well-known and very easy to get along with professionally.  We are going to be working together from time to time creating eggs and faeries that go together.  We will have some of our things in magazine articles in the near future. 


Please click on this picture to enter Nicole West's Fantasy Art website.

Frank Baccari is a dear friend of ours.  He is responsible for getting us together as artists, and now as good friends.  Here is an excerpt he wrote for one of the Dolls magazines he does articles for:

"I have been friends with Nicole for the last three years. I am also a devotee of her work, having thus far two 18th Century French ladies in my collection, with a third French lady, a male angel, and a male and female faerie to follow; I'm sure these won't be the last pieces of Nicole's work in my collection. I have been familiar with Nicole's work since 1998 when I first entered the doll industry, and I have researched her work from the beginning. Nicole West has developed into a powerful sculptor. The ease with which the artist moves from genre to genre is evident in the finished works. Her sculpting is imaginative and sensitive in concept and flawlessly executed. Her costuming is superb and shows a full range of styles, from a sweet, innocent faerie perched playfully in a teacup to an earthy, sexy Cupid faerie in pom-pom short-shorts and bejeweled high platform shoes. Her recent teaming with master egg artist Lynne deBoer has shown that Nicole does indeed play nice with others. Their work together is marvelous. There's no telling where exactly Nicole will be going in subsequent works; but one knows that wherever it is, it will include a little bit of heaven."
-Frank Baccari 

This is our latest collaboration; Cinderella, her faerie godmother and her coach.  The coach is an ostrich egg that I carved pumpking sections into, then enhanced those sections with a special air-dry clay to give it more of a pumpkin appearance.  When Nicole finished the figures we realized the horses I had made were too small so she made these.  A gentleman in Spain was high bidder on this on eBay and it arrived there in perfect condition.  A nightmare to pack for the long trip but it was well worth the 2 hours to do it!






The pumpkin vines and blossoms are hand made by me and are removeable.



This teaset was in the works for over a year.  Then the Johnny Depp movie came out and Nicole's incredible timing had the bidding ending at $3,450.00.  The cups are rhea egg halves.  We have another in the works right now that is themed on the croquet game with flamingos.  due out in May on eBay.

Exotic Faerie Queen/Carved Throne April 2007
Sanded emu egg in silver vintage ink well

Here is our first co-project - an egg to be given to our friend, Frank,  as a Thank You, that WOULD HAVE BEEN put in a Dolls magazine he writes for.  I say "would have been" because the egg was totally destroyed by the post office while in route to her to make the faerie for.  But, here are the pictures of the egg pre-post office!  I encourage you to take a look at her beautiful website - you will be astonished!



The faerie was going to sit beautifully...
on this little wrought iron chair.

The thank you egg we finally got done for Frank

January 17, '06 - FINALLY!! OUR FIRST JOINT CREATION IS FINISHED!!  We are both so thrilled with how it turned out.  This is a rhea egg.  Remember, ALL her creations are totally hand sculpted - SHE DOES NOT USE MOLDS FOR ANYTHING.  Nicole is a True Artist in the purest sense, creating the faerie, hand dying the exotic lambs wool hair and arranging it and doing the wings in her own special way that nobody else can duplicate.  The next faerie is for the coach egg I made for this.  I will post those pictures when they are ready.  These two eggs were made for the big exhibition she's doing in February and we will see what the public reaction is to them. 






The carriage and faerie godmother.  Ostrich egg with my unique and special red paint.  The coach opens up to reveal gold and black velvet padded seats, ceiling decoration, curtains, window treatments and a black mink rug.  Covered with Swarovski and other fine jewels and 22K goldplated stampings.

Carriage Egg and Faerie Godmother


Golden ostrich egg teapot warming a chilled faerie



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