Music Boxes - Elegant Faberge Style Eggs

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These are eggs with music movements.  Most have a keywind inside with something special on it, but some have outside keys and nothing moves.  Some are also jewelry boxes with drawers and secret compartments! 



I handmade the cherry blossoms wrapping around this egg created for a beautiful little 5 month old girl.  It was so much fun decorating the egg to match the candleholder I purchased at an antique shop.  I placed a couple of cherry blossom petals on the handle of the candleholder and left a couple off of the actual blossom right above it to give it a natural look.  The Angel is the key wind for the music box.



Yep! It's a musical TEAPOT with an outside key...
baby/mother birds nesting inside on the box!

Another of Rose's eggs.  An ostrich egg covered with metallic trellis netting dotted with deep blue Aurora Borealis Swarovski stones and  beautiful vintage shoe clips in the same deep blue with the halves separating when the egg is opened.   Inside is a carosel horse that is the keywind for her music box.


The centerpiece on this ostrich egg is a 3-openings rhinestone belt buckle.  A friend said to my buyer "I want a Faberge Egg" joking about his new antique shop business.  She ordered this one to surprise him.  Inside is a dove Faux-Berge` egg that is the keywind for the "My Favorite Things" music box.  Egg is silver leafed and then given 3-4 coats of a clear glass enamel. Trim is red velvet and red satin inside.


Victorian Christmas Scene w/music box
The little nutcracker soldier is the key wind

Musical Carousel Horse egg

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A favorite item that is requested in my eggs are music boxes with whimsical, fantasy or just decorative items that turn as the music plays. These are contained within the egg, being revealed when the top is opened. This egg is an ostrich that has been flocked with sapphire blue velvet, decorated with swirls of hundreds of 1/4" holographic sequins placed in an overlapping pattern individually alternating with swirls of Swarovski crystals and placed on a leaded crystal Fostoria stand with silver engraving on the base. The egg is cut to accentuate and compliment the flowing shape of the stand. The lining is white satin with silver brocade. Inside this egg is a music box that has a mirrored ball as the key wind, and displays sparkles of lights all over the room as it turns.


Storm at sea painted 360 degrees on this ostrich egg. Inside is a lighthouse that is the keywind for the music box, "You Light Up My Life".


Ostrich with black velvet flock, and hundreds of holographic sequins placed in a snake skin manner.  A crystal eagle with silver wings is the keywind for the music box.



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