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These were designed to just sit there quietly and look pretty!  Most open just because, some don't open at all.  But they are all beautiful.

Who doesn't love looking at peacock feathers? This egg is covered with beautiful eye feathers, gold netting dotted with rhinestones and gold leafing. The centerpiece is an incredible gold peacock with a very long elegant rhinestone paved tail. Inside is padded as always and lined with a shimmery purple/green fabric that reflects light from every angle. The vintage stand is brass with a blue cobalt glass insert.


Giving off an unbelievable amount of rainbow sparkle this egg was created around the incredible antique Eisenberg brooch given to Lynne as a gift from her mom in the Gold Country of California. It is encrusted with thousands of 1/4" silver aurura borealis holographic sequins placed individually by hand and overlapping, accompanied by deep rich red velvet, Weiss drawer pulls, Swarovski rhinestones, and a silver plated stand. Inside is a porcelaine cherub holding a large pearl covered entirely with aurora borealis rhinestones on a deep red velvet pillow. It also topped with a vintage Weiss brooch.


This goose egg is painted with several layers of 4 different neutral/brown colors to get the transparent, layered look of marble. The centerpiece is a sterling decoration, and inside it's lined with hand-smocked white velvet. The stand is true marble and silverplate in the shape of a Grecian vase.


Pure confection! Pearl Rose Pink ostrich egg with gold netting dotted with Swarovski rhinestones, 22K goldplated enhancements. Bottom of egg has swags of rhinestones all around and in vertical rows between pink/cream striped ribbon with gold dots. Base is created special for this egg.  Inside is a shimmery white crushed velvet.




peacock feathers and glue - try it!


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One of Grandma's eggs for her Victorian style home. Ostrich covered with gold leaf then painted with a transparent red glass stain that creates a beautiful candy apple look, dripping with 22K goldplated decorations and Swarovski rhinestones. Portrait incased in gold frame covered with rhinestones. Vintage rhinestone shoe clip is crowning top piece. Padded lining is imported gold brocade silk! SHE'S NOT SPOILED!!


Aurora borealis rhinstone encrusted goose egg on a goldleafed brass stand with 22K goldplated filigree butterfly with opal body.


Emu egg entirely paved with garnet baguettes from Thailand, trimmed in gold. It is free of the stand so it will lay safely in the special velvet box made for it.






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