Jewelry Boxes for Ladies AND Gents - Really!! - Elegant Faberge Style Eggs

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Capodimonte Ostrich Egg Jewelry Box
Capodimonte Ostrich Egg Jewelry Box
Capodimonte Ostrich Egg Jewelry Box

As beautiful and elegant as these eggs are, I make some very masculine eggs for men - and they've loved them! 


3-dragon base holds up a non-jeweled egg decorated with a pewter buckle, many miniature pewter weapons, miniature steel shields and topped with a pewter knight;  all with gold accents.  Thin copper strips (used in stained glass work) with thinner gold strips dotted with "rivits" create the sections.  Inside is lined with fabric resembling chain mail with velvet sections for cufflinks, etc.  The poem from The Lord of the rings is on parchment paper I burned and rolled and placed in the top half.

Ostrich egg in Red/gold with drawers, inside box..
and a secret hiding place! Peacock feathers used as well.



Emu egg, before decorating they look like avocadoes on steroids. The cameo is a rare black/white celluloid.


Ostrich egg painted black satin with an antique aurora borealis necklace that has been dismantled for use on this jewelry box.  Inside is blue satin  and the stand is crystal with a coating of clear topaz blue glass enamel.  Rhinestones are given "antique" status differently that all other items; because of their relatively recent introduction, they are considered antique if they are pre-1955.


Diamond paved emu egg with one drawer in front. Inside is too small for a little chest of drawers like the Ostrich egg so this one has 2 miniature "hat boxes" covered with rhinestones and gold leaf. stand is leaded crystal that has gold leaf added.


This Perfume Decantaur has 3350+ Swarovski Rhinestones, drawers, a Christian Dior brooch that is signed twice (rare) and is easily removeable  for the owner to wear and then replace in the egg,  and it sits on a vintage gold filigree and beveled glass perfume decantaur that I put a leaded crystal swan inside.  The glass tube that holds the perfume (and is refillable easily) has been fitted into the top and is removeable to refill.  the dauber is the huge finial and it sits in the tube, it has a glass rod to put the perfume on with.  It opens up for jewelry storage.  


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Ostrich egg perfume/jewelry container w/gift box


Many of Lynne's eggs have music boxes and/or drawers incorporated in their designs. Large eggs, like the ostrich, can have 2-3 drawers as well as the opening top and the smaller ones like emu and large goose can have one. The Diamond Ostrich egg shown has over 3300 Swarovski rhinestones paving it, 2 drawers and a chest of drawers inside.



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